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Automate your business by cloud computing Service provider!!

With the introduction of cloud technology in market, the face of business has changed forever. Now your customers expects to go online and check their business and related document within the matter of minutes rather than waiting for days. If your services cannot offer this, your client will look for someplace else to go. No worries! We are here to help you.



VMware vRealize Automation:

If you want to deploy your custom IT services to multiple vendors or different cloud infrastructure, this automation tool is the one for you. It will automate your IT service delivery process, and hence will increase its response time to business needs. We, at Ezmata are well versed in automation tools and cloud computing solutions, we can accelerate the delivery of your IT services across different infrastructures.


Openstack is a new technology, that gives you a cloud infrastructure which is modular in nature and will enable you to deploy any IT tools, resource or service to anywhere from one place. It will enable you to design a unique cloud platform. It can discover and automate process in multi-vendor environment.

Ezmata is a cloud solution provider, who will take full advantages of their expertise and experience to use this tool to its maximum potential and give you more than just automation and virtualization.

RedHat Open Swift:

It provide a way for object storage in form of containers. It provides scaling and failure-protections. Our cloud computing service provider team have experience dealing with Open Swift and provide you with the benefits of it. We will provide you thorough support from installation to maintenance.

Advantages of cloud and automation technologies:

Reduces Spending:

Since with cloud, most part of your business will automate, therefore, your staff requirement will reduce and cost will be cut significantly. The spending of IT infrastructure will also reduce as most of the business will be on cloud.

Expands your reach:

The communication will become easy whether it is across the city or in any part of the world.

Saves Time:

It enables you to get more things done in less time. It also reduces your time for the delivery of the products. Since, the stuffs get automated, it results in fewer errors and reduces delays.

Making your data center infrastructure management efficient and secure!!

Business produces enormous amount of data per day which will drastically increase with each passing day. It is a prime requirement for every business to employ few experts in this area to leverage innovation for maintenance of the data. This simply means new hassle to handle for you. Now worries! We are here to help you.

We are data center infrastructure management service provider with years of experience in providing data center solutions to our clients. We are known for our effective methodologies, which are implemented using latest technologies. With careful requirement analysis, consulting and service provisions, we tend to stay ahead by delivering values.

We blends the knowledge of latest technologies with our years of experience along with your specific requirements to bring out the best services specifically designed for you.

There are several data center infrastructure management components associated with our data-oriented services:

Data Storage

We begin our service by collecting comprehensive information about your data requirements and goals. In this way we can plan an extensive way to map our technological methods with your requirements to get desired outcomes.

Data Migration

We provide you the ability to migrate your important data from one place to another-quickly and safely. There are times when you want to replace or upgrade your system, you need to temporarily migrate data. The migration should be safe, cost effective and must not disturb business at all.

Being a provider of Data center services, we will help you move your data, with safety ensured. We will use our years of experience in moving data and providing data security. We promise our efficiency will cause no disruption to your business during the process of migration.

Data Replication

Data replication is the most important task in a business, where data is replicated from one database or server to another, so that it could be shared within different branches to eliminate any data ambiguity or inconsistency.

There are two ways of doing replication:
  • Data of one server is simply copied to another or one database to another.
  • Data form several databases and servers are combined into single database.

Our team is experienced in giving data center solutions that enables them to carry on either way of data replication and provide you with best services.


It is a new data center management technology that enables any enterprise to have a collective storage. It allow an enterprise to pool the data storage disk space from multiple host. Simply put, our team of specialist will help you combine your storage spaces into a single cluster, which will give you high performance. Using vSAN will help you reach high level of data reduction. Our team is proficient with every mean of data control, and will provide you with the best service with minimum cost expedition.

Rise to competitive challenges and quickens the pace.

Network Management

Our team will provide you with latest data center infrastructure management technology, network management techniques and access methods. Our service will make sure you always remain up-to date and secure.

Data protection and Security

For a long time, data center infrastructure protection was all about having a backup application. But with time, the complexity and sensitiveness of the data have increase and hence, the nature of protection must become more sophisticated. Our team is committed towards bringing the best security methods to the table.

Devops as a service

As we know that, hundreds of software are launched in market per day, and hence there is an urgent need for every business to match this fast paced development of software. We are aware of the challenges faced by a business to optimize the development process and compete in the market. It is our extreme pleasure to inform you that we have a team of developers specialized in DevOps services.

Devops is a new emerging technology that aims towards unifying software developments and software operations. It is all about monitoring and automating entire process of software development from its construction to testing, integration to releasing.

Our team of DevOps service provider will deploy DevOps to make the development cycles shorter, hence saving your time and money each time a software is developed for you and make it aligned with your business objectives.

Ezmata provide software-driven solutions that fills the gap between existing software development, its quality assurance and other related procedures and improves performance.

We are DevOps service provider. Our services includes:

  1. Assessing present state of the enterprise and plan a strategy
  2. Manage people skill, process, resources and tools
  3. Provide DevOps end-to-end implementation. This includes analyzing, construction, automation, and implementation according to the requirements of the projects.

We are DevOps service providers. Our solution will help you organize your business aspects to align them with your goals. DevOps is a method of deploying software to produce rapid, reliable and top-quality products and services.

With the usage of DevOps, we offer several categories of services like:

  • Infrastructure Management
    As stated previously, DevOps service enables the organization to help them be aligned with their goals. DevOps help an organization to deploy software.
  • Environment Management
    We help you manage your codes and enable you to the path of automations. We will help you automate your platforms and make your services ready for your customers.
  • Inspection of Codes
    The key aspect of development is coding, no doubt about that. We at Ezmata help you to test your codes, improve its quality and hence will improve overall productivity of your team.
  • Automation and Orchestration
    Automation has become necessity these days. DevOps as a service technology makes organizations more efficient. Once automated, your organization become error-free, faster and more agile.
    Our team at Ezmata will use high quality tools and methods to great software solutions for you.

Do you know how to save your business from cyber criminals? There is need of IT security Services.

In the today’s world where information have taken digital form and it is stored in bytes online, the threat of it attacked by outsider have increased. We know the value of data for each businesses, and the catastrophic effect it can have once the data is leaked and misused. On the top of that, with improving technology the cybercrime has become more complex and sophisticated. The modern method of attacking a system have developed and area also implemented by latest technology. In short, the cybercrime has become modernised and hence, tackling them have become difficult.

We need better network and cyber security companies who provides reliable services.

There are certain factors that makes the entire IT security services little overwhelming and that are:

  • Reactive Nature: Security aspect of any organization is reactive in nature therefore, it is not possible predict future threats now.
  • Uncertain: Of course!! The entire market is uncertain in nature. You cannot pinpoint future sale or future success, let alone security issues. This makes enterprise security overwhelming to tackle.
  • With increasing technology, cybercrime is also becoming stronger.

The biggest thing an enterprise can do against network security attacks is to invest in the best technologies and products. While cyber security can be managed to some extend in-house, but outsourcing to get security services makes more sense. If you outsource, it will free you up while your security is in the hands of experts. Since technology is advancing at faster pace, the network and IT security companies provides better services. It has become more complex and hence you need help of third party. Cyber security is data sensitive and it cannot be taken lightly.

But no worries! We have skilled team is dedicated to take care of your security issues. Our IT security services is focused upon providing your business with all round security. If you are looking for someone to fortify your business at initial level or even if you are in the middle of the attack, our cybersecurity team will help you.

Splunk Enterprise

What is splunk? What would you do if you want information about in which state a machine is or a software is? You would look into logfiles. Logfiles contains all the information about machines or software and what happened to them recently.

But sometimes, if you want information about every device in your data center, it can be time consuming. That’s where splunk enterprise comes to the rescue. It was started as a search engine for logfiles. Definitely it does more now!!

That’s where Splunk enterprise comes to the rescue. It was started as a search engine for log-files. Definitely it does more now.
Splunk Enterprise enables an organization to monitor and analyze data and deliver it to optimize performance index of your organization. Splunk Enterprise is intuitive in analyzing data and its machine learning capability is spectacular, and hence it is a popular platform. Splunk Enterprise Security enables an organization to secure their data against improper usage.

Some features of Splunk Enterprise are:

  1. It collects log information and indexes them from different sources.
  2. Its search and analysis capabilities are spectacular.
  3. It is available both as on-premises or Splunk cloud service.

Our team is well-versed in splunk. We use this tool to navigate through vast amount of data and operations. For example, if you wanted to know which of your systems take more loading time at start-up, we can help you find answers to such questions. Our team of dedicated experts will provide round-the-clock consultation and Splunk cloud support. The power of splunk is simply that, it can give you real time information about each and every system in your data center.

We have abundant information regarding Splunk, Splunk products, and Splunk security and enough experience to put those knowledge into practical use. Our team promises for all round assistance to you.

Our services will help you to:

  1. Visualize and analyze huge amount of machine data easily.
  2. Our services will deliver a new level productivity and intelligence to your organization.
  3. We will help you analyze huge datasets in real time.
  4. We find relationships between your data and use it to monitor events in your organization.

In simple words, with our services you will be able to make sense of all the huge block of data available in your organization, determine pattern and use them to organize your enterprise.

Integrate your business with converged infrastructure management!!

With the passage of time, the data center will get accumulated with random collection of data which will not affect your technical requirements but will affect your overall performance and efficiency negatively. That where Converged infrastructure management comes in the picture.

Converged Infrastructure management works by assembling different IT components of a business into single and optimized computing unit. It may be servers, networking devices or software, data storage devices etc. Instead of being all over the place and using different staff to take care of IT resources, Converged Infrastructure will bring all in one place, making management a breeze. If you want to make your organization fully modernize, integrate different components and make entire enterprise act as one, converged infrastructure is the way to do it.

In simple words its purpose is to provide unified management of all the IT resources where every resource is controlled by one control. We simplify and standardize your data centers with hyper converged platforms and hybrid cloud platforms.

What makes it essential to organization?

  • It increases innovation time.
  • Cuts costs
  • It lowers cost per operations
  • It is faster to deploy
  • Accelerates performance and improves efficiency.

Every organization need Converged infrastructure management solutions and hyper converged platform. One point to keep in mind is, the level of automation you want to have is the key factor in selection of converged system. It is all about the converging your storing system and computing processes.IT infrastructure management provides security and reliability to on-premises systems as well as cloud systems. In cloud aspect of solutions, converged infrastructure will provide similar services that can be rolled out globally.

Our team of IT infrastructure solutions expert developers will use converged infrastructure management to consolidate several IT component of your business into one and hence will centralize the management of resources. Centralizing management will have positive effect on your business as it will consolidate systems, resources will be used efficiently and costs and time consumption will be lowered. These centralized system will modernized your business and will reduce the hassle for your team.

If you organization still figuring out ways to converge entire catalogue of resources at one place, to make deployment easy and provide scalability to handle dynamic nature of computing workload, we are the place to come. At Ezmata, our Infrastructure management experts will give you support you need.

End User Computing Services

The businesses are expanding at faster speed than ever before, just because of the fact that internet has enabled people from across the countries work for it. With the increase in globalization, the face of the business have changes now. There is a need for a way of connecting people from different parts of the world to collaborate with each other and to connect with worldwide customers. There is a need of taking advantage of mobile communication and other collaborative tools to enable businesses to prosper like never before. There is need to have end user computing services.

There are several benefits associated with using end to end user computing services:

Makes process seamless

Since, these tools increases accessibilities, therefore, the teamwork becomes smooth regardless of the platform.

Productivity is improved

Now, people can work from any part of the world like they are working in a single room, it increases the productivity.

Lower expenses

Since people can now work from home, form any part of the world, it reduces travelling cost and real estate cost.

Smoothens the process

It reduces numbers of errors and makes the process faster by automation repeated processes.


It enables end-to-end visibility across the organization especially between service provider and support.

Ezmata Technology is all focused to help our clients to connect to customers and their employees from all over the world. We provide world class end user services. Our team of experts boast their expertise, knowledge, experiences and their consulting skills. We are dedicated in using them to help you realize your full potential.

Our aim is give our clients end user management services to help our clients realize their objective irrespective of the platform or place.

We have years of experience in giving end-to-end solutions to our client, which has resulted in significant rise in end-user-satisfaction, drop in costs, and has improved productivity to great extent.

The theory is simple, better and intelligent end-user support will enhance user experience, which the whole point of enterprise. Once the end-user demands are fulfilled properly, we can say an enterprise in on its way to the top. For success in ever changing landscape of service provider, we need to enable automations to improve end-user experience. Our end to end user services allows you to achieve this without any problems. Therefore, if you have end user issues, Ezmata is that one place to visit.