EZMATA Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Professional Services

Our aim is to provide our clients with the best services in the market and the key to achieve that is to provide professional services. From the beginning of the process, we make sure to have dedicated, skilled and experienced staff capable of providing services within stipulated time. We are a team of highly trained, skilled and certified IT professional. We provide services in various fields including data protections, switching and load balance, virtualization, operating system and applications, automations and several others. 

Our work process involves active participation from engineers, managers, and your entire team of professionals, to understand your requirements perfectly and to deliver you services without any fails. 

Our work starts with a meeting with your team for better understanding of your business, requirement, present goals and long-term goals. After which, our team of experts look for the cracks in your business to fix and brainstorm ideas to resolve issues. Throughout the process, we maintain check sheet to assure the accuracy of the process and we also provide you with daily status updates to show you whether we are going on the track and is in accordance with you.

Managed Services

With new technologies introducing in market, the face of market is changing every minute. It the need of the time to remain up—to date, to be able to tackle business challenges well. Sometime with growing businesses, the aspect to look after also multiplies in number. This increases the number of matters to be worried about. But we can help you with that. If you have some problems or projects that is diverting your attention from your business growth, or you need a new technology to stay ahead in market, or you need an expert to provide with guidance of move forward, we are here for you. 

Instead of going through the burdensome process of hiring and recruiting just for small duration, consider our team. We are a team of experts, who can provide you end-to-end services and support to meet your business requirement. Our expertise and experience will give you exactly what you were looking for.

 Operating System and Operating Platform: We can manage multiple operating systems and platform running across your business and handle their maintenance, control, security and updates.


We can manage multiple operating systems and platform running across your business and handle their maintenance, control, security and updates.


We can perform storage administration, access control, and monitoring, reporting and performing back up


We can manage multiple operating systems and platform running across your business and handle their maintenance, control, security and updates

Residency Services

Leave the management of your system in the hands of experts!!

There are times when a business have temporary needs, like an employee staff for a small project at time. Those are the time which can be distracting and can affect your business.
Just for the small requirement, you have to go through the trouble of hiring and recruiting which will be followed by training. Implementing new technology by a newbie (that you have hired) can be inefficient, it will take time before good results are shown, his lack of experience can cause unforeseen inconveniences and lot more. Plus achieving full value of your time and money investment is slow in these case, whereas if you hire from our resident who are already fully trained and experience can work wonders for you.. At that time, our Residency services can come to the rescue. Our Resident have in depth knowledge and years of professional experience.
We have determined team of resident who will help you to take full benefits of latest technologies and techniques. With our experts, your business can benefit from our latest practices, tools and methodologies.

How can you benefit from our Residency Service?

Better planning

Since, our residents are experienced, they can provide you with better planning, installations, upgrade and operations.

Saves Time

Our residents are fully trained for any circumstance and have on-site experience, which will save your training time and hence, you can get instant results.

Costume Services

We have multiple packages for you to choose from, which will suit your business very well.