Devops as a service


As we know that, hundreds of software are launched in market per day, and hence there is an urgent need for every business to match this fast paced development of software. We are aware of the challenges faced by a business to optimize the development process and compete in the market. It is our extreme pleasure to inform you that we have a team of developers specialized in DevOps services.

Devops is a new emerging technology that aims towards unifying software developments and software operations. It is all about monitoring and automating entire process of software development from its construction to testing, integration to releasing.

Our team of DevOps service provider will deploy DevOps to make the development cycles shorter, hence saving your time and money each time a software is developed for you and make it aligned with your business objectives.

Ezmata provide software-driven solutions that fills the gap between existing software development, its quality assurance and other related procedures and improves performance.

We are DevOps service provider. Our services includes:
  1. Assessing present state of the enterprise and plan a strategy
  2. Manage people skill, process, resources and tools
  3. Provide DevOps end-to-end implementation. This includes analyzing, construction, automation, and implementation according to the requirements of the projects.

We are DevOps service providers. Our solution will help you organize your business aspects to align them with your goals. DevOps is a method of deploying software to produce rapid, reliable and top-quality products and services.

With the usage of DevOps, we offer several categories of services like:
  • Infrastructure Management
    As stated previously, DevOps service enables the organization to help them be aligned with their goals. DevOps help an organization to deploy software.
  • Environment Management
    We help you manage your codes and enable you to the path of automations. We will help you automate your platforms and make your services ready for your customers.
  • Inspection of Codes
    The key aspect of development is coding, no doubt about that. We at Ezmata help you to test your codes, improve its quality and hence will improve overall productivity of your team.
  • Automation and Orchestration
    Automation has become necessity these days. DevOps as a service technology makes organizations more efficient. Once automated, your organization become error-free, faster and more agile.
    Our team at Ezmata will use high quality tools and methods to great software solutions for you.

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