Automate your business by cloud computing Service provider!!

With the introduction of cloud technology in market, the face of business has changed forever. Now your customers expects to go online and check their business and related document within the matter of minutes rather than waiting for days. If your services cannot offer this, your client will look for someplace else to go. No worries! We are here to help you.


Ezmata is a cloud computing service provider which brings the efficiency your business needs by automating the IT services needed by you. We provide you with private cloud automation along with several automation tools.

Our entire curriculum is designed to give determined support to our client’s business and their objectives and to make their dreams become reality. Whether it is full proof planning, strategical advices, management issues or simple guidance, our team will help you out with our cloud infrastructure services and that’s a promise. We use few tools as follows:

VMware vRealize Automation:

If you want to deploy your custom IT services to multiple vendors or different cloud infrastructure, this automation tool is the one for you. It will automate your IT service delivery process, and hence will increase its response time to business needs. We, at Ezmata are well versed in automation tools and cloud computing solutions, we can accelerate the delivery of your IT services across different infrastructures.


Openstack is a new technology, that gives you a cloud infrastructure which is modular in nature and will enable you to deploy any IT tools, resource or service to anywhere from one place. It will enable you to design a unique cloud platform. It can discover and automate process in multi-vendor environment.

Ezmata is a cloud solution provider, who will take full advantages of their expertise and experience to use this tool to its maximum potential and give you more than just automation and virtualization.

RedHat Open Swift:

It provide a way for object storage in form of containers. It provides scaling and failure-protections. Our cloud computing service provider team have experience dealing with Open Swift and provide you with the benefits of it. We will provide you thorough support from installation to maintenance.

Advantages of cloud and automation technologies:

Reduces Spending:

Since with cloud, most part of your business will automate, therefore, your staff requirement will reduce and cost will be cut significantly. The spending of IT infrastructure will also reduce as most of the business will be on cloud.

Expands your reach:

The communication will become easy whether it is across the city or in any part of the world.

Saves Time:

It enables you to get more things done in less time. It also reduces your time for the delivery of the products. Since, the stuffs get automated, it results in fewer errors and reduces delays.

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