With technology accelerating at the fastest pace possible, everything is going online, and hence the threat to data has increased to a great extent. Therefore, the need of prioritising security in organisation has increased. We need a team to design and implement strategy for enterprise security. We need brand new approach to computer and network security.  We need network security provider with firm grip on technology.

One thing about enterprise security is it should always be changed. Every organisation must have a team which is always trying hard to keep up with the changes in IT security technology. Cyber criminals are always trying hard to leak data and therefore, we need to be a step ahead of them.

Security procedures must always be updated and in accordance with the latest softwares.

But how could you make your security system bulletproof? What are the basic actions of managed security services. There are five basic tools used by security providers:

  1. Firewall

This is the first and the basic defence. Firewall actually determines what should go and what shouldn’t to your system. It simply monitors the data flow and keep suspicious data out of your system. It maintains security without compromising your assets.

Usually organisations installs firewall on the external of the networks, but to have more security organisations these days are including internal firewalls as well.

This works as double checking of the data. If anything suspicious passes through external firewall, then internal firewall will make sure it never make it to your system.

Firewalls have been evolved a lot in last years, and hence they are able to maintain IT security standards. It is a go-to security solution for most network security providers.

  1. Secure your router to monitor traffic flow

Routers are usually used to monitor the traffic flow, but we need to implement computer and network security feature in routers as well. In fact, there are certain routers who have provided better security features than firewall:

  • IDS functionality ( Intrusive Defence System)
  • IPS functionality ( Intrusive Prevention System)
  • VPN data encryption ( Virtual Private Network)

In routers there is IPS functionality that works more closely like firewall but it has stricter guideline to allow data to flow. IDS works as a system to monitor traffic and to identify holes in the security of networks. There are several new developments in IT security service markets, that ensure security of your data, therefore, we need to be updated and implement latest features.

  1. Secure your email

The emails of an organisation are the main aim of the hackers. As email contains intimate date and conversation, leakage of such mails can cause catastrophic effect on your organisation. It can compromise IT security to a great extend.

It is well known to receive emails from suspicious/unknown sources.

Such email are send with an aim to end up in your spam folders and intend to disturb your system or get some data. They contains malware or some form of viruses. It can be prevented by your network security providers.

You need to be updated with latest mail protocols and keep your mails updated. If more of your emails are ending up in your spam folder, chances of you getting infected with malware are high.

  1. Use Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)

WPA 2 uses better encryption guidelines and processes that ensure better and stronger protection.

This system makes is difficult for cyber criminals to breach the networks.

It you have a router, it is recommended to turn on WPA 2, otherwise your security can be compromised. Without WPA 2 it becomes easy for breacher to hack your network, slow it down, and even hack your password.

In conclusion:

These were the four fundamental and basic way to ensure your IT security, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is entire block of iceberg that includes several other security measures to be taken. It can be overwhelming and hence, one aspect or other is bound to miss when they are all implement in-house. Therefore, there are so many organisations which are opting to outsource their IT security requirements to expert network security providers.

To know about how we implement security measure to protect your assets, contact us.

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