What is DCIM?

Every organisation have data centres. Data centre infrastructure management or DCIM enables an organisation to capture real time detailed information about data. This increases efficiency and improves decision making process. Every enterprise have some business objective which can be achieved in small time if they can visualise power distribution, know real time efficiency of data centres, and align power accordingly. IT infrastructure management service enables an organisation to achieve the same.

With real time information about data centres, organisation can align power, provide space, cooling and find out capacity of computing environment. Take for instance, if there is a data centre which is under down-time presently, it can use DCIM to get power consumption status of data centres and help in reducing power-consumption. Basically, data centre solutions can be used to  manage energy resources and data to make entire organisation efficient. There are organisations that are giving this responsibility in the hands of data centre service providers, which we will look later in this blog.

Why do we need Data Centre Infrastructure Solution?

Tools in DCIM usually is available to organisation as an integrated system. Data centre solutions enables an organisation capabilities like:

  1. Planning of resources and data
  2. Forecasting
  3. Provides ability to make real-time decision.

We need DCIM in organisation because it provide important information needs to make robust infrastructure. It help in considering factors like power, and network factors to determine the position of servers. Data centre infrastructure solutions is necessary for the optimum performance of servers.

Apart form such capabilities, DCIM simplify entire work flow, making it easier to get  real-time information about resources being used and make everything smooth as possible. It cuts cost and improves deployment of resources. This information is important as it allow proper distribution of space and resources, otherwise overuse of resources can result in system shutdown.

IT infrastructure management services also provides data like (temperature, airflow) and other operational information like power data and resources data. This data is used to alert organisation about exceeding of threshold of element. By doing so, we can stop before major damage is done and repair time will be increased. It plays key role in securing data and important information. We can say it support the infrastructure of IT security.

DCIM enables an organisation to be prepared for every “what if” situation. Since, DCIM can help in forecasting of situation to a greater extent, hence organisations can be prepared in advance. The entire concept of DCIM revolves around providing necessary information.

Why to outsource Data Centre Infrastructure Management?

Outsourcing is gaining popular these days. From outsourcing IT security services to managed IT services.These days more and more companies are turning to third-party for their data centre solutions management. Since, the downtime of data centre can cost a lot to organisation, we need to outsource data centre management. The benefits of outsourcing include improved efficiency and safety, expert help, and increased reliability and uptime.

  1. Improve reliability

The best thing about working with third party for your data centre management is the feeling that you data centre is in the hands of knowledgeable staff. They are abled hands with year experience in handling data centre. Once you outsource your work to data centre service providers, they will work hard to fulfil their promise of efficient work.

  1. Professional Care

Data is massive in numbers and sensitive in nature, therefore they need professional care. There is no definite time when your data centre might need a quick check, and hence we need someone who will be available at your ungodly-hour call as well.

Outsourcing your IT infrastructure management services will give you access to knowledgeable staff at any time of the day. They will deploy their expertise and help you with you problem in no time.

  1. Assured Safety

There is nothing more troubling to an enterprise than unauthorised access to data centre. Information about clients and other data relevant with entire organisation is sensitive in nature. You cannot say it with certainty about the catastrophic effect it can have, once the data is leaked into wrong wrong hands.  Therefore, data security must the top priority in data centre.

When you outsource your Data centre infrastructure management, you are giving responsibility of your data centre in the hands of professional and hence there is no worry. Third party data centre service providers are always up-to date with latest technology. They will implement best security measure to ensure maximum security. If you are looking to give your DCIM responsibilities on abled shoulder then check us out.

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